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How Cannabis Relieves Different Types of Pain

Studies on cannabis have long confirmed the plant’s ability to relieve users from chronic and severe pain. However, despite this common knowledge, many remain unaware of the true connection between pain and marijuana. How exactly does cannabis relief users from this agonizing sensation? Here, we will examine how marijuana use affects different types of pains. […]

3 Uses Of Hemp Oil

Hemp oil is extracted by cold pressing the hemp seeds. In spite of it originating from the cannabis plant, hemp oil contains small volumes of THC, the psychoactive, intoxicating component in cannabis. Both the hemp and marijuana are extracted from the Cannabis sativa species but what differentiates them is the amount of THC present in […]

What is Structured Silver? What’s the Buzz About It?

A remarkable alkaline solution is structured silver liquid, and it has the characteristics of the antimicrobial solution. It has metallic silver of 0.001 percent and pure water of 99.999 percent. It tastes and smells like water, and looks like a clear liquid. This is because it is 99.999 percent of water. But it is making […]