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5 Things Necessary to Make Couples Counseling Work

A husband and wife married for more than 20 years ago arranges for couples therapy marriage counseling. They believe the counseling may be their last chance at saving the relationship. All other efforts to date have failed. The question is this: will couples counseling work? Helping save marriages is one of the things counselors at […]

Orthodontics for Women: Careers in Dentistry

If you are about to finish high school, now is the time to research the most attractive college majors that are most in line with your goals. Without a doubt, studying Dentistry is one of the academic options that you should value. Some of the dental services like orthodontics should still include metal braces for the […]

Peter B. Fodor, M.D., F.A.C.S Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

Known for his attention to detail and exceptionally knowledgeable in his field, Dr. Peter Fodor is a highly recognized cosmetic surgeon in Los Angeles. He is double certified by the American Board of Surgery and the American Board of surgery. Early Years Though he is originally from Romania, the Hungarian national immigrated to the U.S […]

Why You Need A Consistent Orthopedic Doctor After An Injury

What can you say about injuries other than they are incredibly painful? Well, for one, they’re incredibly inconvenient. There’s nothing more annoying than not doing your usual routine because you physically can’t, especially when life is like that for an extended stretch. Everyone wants to get back to where they once were, but getting there […]