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3 Uses Of Hemp Oil

Hemp oil is extracted by cold pressing the hemp seeds. In spite of it originating from the cannabis plant, hemp oil contains small volumes of THC, the psychoactive, intoxicating component in cannabis. Both the hemp and marijuana are extracted from the Cannabis sativa species but what differentiates them is the amount of THC present in each one of them. When comprising of less than 0.3% THC it is considered hemp and with more than this 0.3% it is considered marijuana. This is a clear indication that you can use hemp oil and consume hemp seeds without necessarily feeling high thereafter.

Hemp oil acts as a natural source of essential nutrients like the polyunsaturated fatty acids, proteins as well as terpenes. Hemp oil does not contain CBD nor THC, it only contains fatty acids and other important nutrients.

Sometimes there is a confusion on the compounds contained in the hemp oil as some of the products with hemp oil label comprise of cannabinoids such as CBD. The kind of superfoods containing cannabinoids usually acts on the endocannabinoid system receptors.

If your aim is to increase the intake of healthy fats and more then you should go for oils extracted from hemp seeds, so you need to choose products with the hempseed oil label.

Hemp Oil are used to:

Provides Chlorophyll 

Many people may fail to believe that hemp oil is a source of chlorophyll, a chemical compound in plants which allows them to manufacture food from water and carbon dioxide. This pigment which gives the plants green color is linked to a variety of benefits and is a prominent aspect of hemp oil.

Provides Essential Amino Acids 

Hemp oil contains all the essential amino acids our bodies are unable to produce on their own. For a body to function properly it requires all the amino acids and consuming foods rich in essential amino acids will help the body to function appropriately. Consumption of foods rich in amino acids such as hempseed oil is a great advantage when it comes to entire body health.

Moisturize Hair 

Hemp oil acts as a treatment to dry and fragile hair. You should consider applying little amounts of hemp oil when conditioning your hair or immediately after showering. The hempseeds contain fatty acids which are useful in moisturizing your hair and scalp which is a great addition to your natural oils. This is one of the major reasons as to why fatty acids are used mainly in serums, hair shampoos as well as conditioners.


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