Our initial post covered a few of the basics. Here’s a few more to add to your list. The reality is though that for most serious shoppers as well as professional stylists, there are many “rules” or practices that govern their routines and rituals–almost religiously! So from time to time we promise to bring back this particular topic and regularly add to the list to help you maximize your moments when hitting the retail world.

  1. Know the Terms of Sale – An informed shopper is a powerful shopper! In addition to the return/exchange policies, many retailers have point systems, cash back incentives and GWP’s (Gifts With Purchase) so know what you’re getting into and be sure to reap the benefits and rewards offered.
  2. Fit and Fabrication Matter – Make friends with your local, talented alterations person. Even if the world of couture shopping is somewhat out of reach, one of the easiest ways to have the look of Paris for Pennies is to make sure that what you do buy, fits you like a glove. Also, choose fabrics that look regal but that you can live in and that offer you real longevity. If silk is too delicate a fabric for your more rigorous lifestyle, find alternatives that work for you but still give you the flowy, feminine option.
  3. For Really Special Occasions Bring a Little Something to the Table – MOB (Mother of the Bride) or MOG (Mother of the Groom) for these and other very important milestones, it’s always best to bring some idea of what you are looking for to the table (or specifically the salesperson) when you are ready to go shopping. Whether it is a color, silhouette, or even a piece of jewelry you intend to wear, these hints will help make the process much easier for both you and the sales associate.
  4. Trust Your Gut – One thing I love about Parisian style is that it is distinctly its own. People indigenous to the global fashion capitol tend to listen to their own inner style voice and stick to their guns. Oliver Peoples sunglasses with trainers? Do it! Socks and sandals? Let’s bring it back and make it cool! We have to learn to do the same. This is especially important when in the fitting room. At the end of the day, trust your deep feeling about a look or an outfit. The only time this rule is to be ignored is if you are habitually UN-stylish and are getting a makeover. In that case, do the opposite of what your gut tells you and trust your stylist!
  5. Enjoy yourself!

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