A Guide To What is Hyperpigmentation and how to Treat It Effectively

Hyperpigmentation: A Comprehensive Guide | Grazia India

If you are someone with uneven skin tone, you would know that hyperpigmentation of any type is a major problem and we are forever on the hunt for the holy grail product that can give our skin a uniform, clear tone. Hyperpigmentation is something that can easily knock your confidence off and make you reach out to a bottle of high coverage foundation. Many women prefer a good foundation that can cover their imperfections, but there are many who don’t. Instead, they believe that they don’t need to hide their skin. And no one should. Being comfortable with the flaws is the happy way to deal with skin, and your life.

Additionally, with the ambiguity around terms such as brightening, lightening, and whitening, as well as the vast array of products that offer every promise in the world, diagnosing and treating hyperpigmentation can seem impossible.

Understanding Hyperpigmentation is the first step

The first step to dealing with hyperpigmentation is understanding what it is and what it means. Hyperpigmentation is the term which is often used to describe any kind of dark discoloration on your skin, which is visible. It often ranks as one of the topmost things amongst women that they complain about the most. This discoloration can occur anywhere on the face, such as your forehead, chin, mouth, eyes, etc.

Melanin is typically overproduced when there is an injury or inflammation on the skin (such as breakouts, excessive sun exposure, ingrown hairs, or picking at the skin), which leads to the skin’s overproduction of the pigment. This, in turn, leads to hyperpigmentation in that area of your skin. 

However, when we talk about darker skin, it is more prone to having a higher sensitivity to skin inflammation response. This makes it even more challenging to treat hyperpigmentation in them because the marks that are left behind take an even longer time to fade away, when we compare it to lighter skins. 

What is the best way to treat hyperpigmentation?

‘It takes a village’ is an apt phrase to describe the process of treating hyperpigmentation. Unfortunately, no single product can aid in the fading of all dark marks. Multi-pronged approaches are often required to address the problem, including applying a broad-spectrum sunscreen to protect the skin from sun exposure. 

Antioxidants can prevent new hyperpigmentation from occurring when exposed to the environment. By using products from Odylique containing tyrosinase (an enzyme involved in pigment production), dark marks can be faded and excess melanin produced can be reduced.

What Is A Good Skincare Routine For Hyperpigmentation?

To combat hyperpigmentation, one must also use a great cleanser to thoroughly cleanse the skin. Hydration products to protect the moisture barrier and keep the skin moisturised. 

A chemical exfoliant from Organic Cosmetics removes dead skin cells from the surface of the skin. A vitamin A product that stimulates collagen production and if possible additional in-salon treatments that will have any real effect. 

To achieve lasting improvements in the skin, patience, consistency, and commitment are required. 

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