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How pets help deal with mental health issues

There is a much larger focus on mental health issues today more than ever before, and there has been a lot of information handed out about how our dogs can assist with those. Mental health issues aren’t a joke, and they have the power and potential to make life extremely difficult. With the companionship of a dog, anxiety and stress levels are significantly lowered, with a better source of comfort and motivation than most self-help books on offer.

Dogs are fiercely loyal creatures, and they have their own needs that require thought and care – otherwise, they aren’t going to remain healthy. We endeavour to walk our dogs, feed our dogs the best dry puppy food UK has to offer, and we give them as much care and attention as possible – and this all helps with our mental health. Depression isn’t a new concept, but the way that dogs encourage an owner to get out of the house and get exercise is usually more than beneficial. For those suffering from depression, this motivation can be a lifesaver.

Keeping Loneliness At Bay

Dogs and other pets give us purpose. They make people feel wanted and special, and it doesn’t even take much to make that happen. Pet owners are far more social than those who do not have dogs, and this leads to less isolation and loneliness and more happiness. It’s impossible to be lonely when you have a pet that needs you and wants to be beside you. They give their owners the chance to share their daily routines, and they can be valuable for those who live alone.

With an animal in the home, it’s far easier to relax, have some confidence about venturing into the outside world and take the chance to breathe some fresh air. They stop us from being hermits as their needs have to come first, and it works.

Excellent With Children

Mental health issues aren’t just for adults. Children have difficulties with anxiety and sensitivity, just like we do. For children with ADHD and Autism, a dog can be everything that they need to feel calm and feel grounded. Sensory issues can be very overwhelming for a child, and children who have dogs often find it calming to spend time with animals. Dogs are integral in the reduction of the behaviours commonly associated with autism, and for children with anxiety, they’re a calming force in a strange world of scary!

People who own pets often report far fewer issues with their mental health than anything else that has been prescribed. The chance to put their pet above themselves often lead to enough of a distraction that depression is kept at bay. I’s not just dogs; cats usually have the same effect. It’s often because they make their presence known. They will demand their daily cuddles, which makes someone in crisis feel wonderful, as they have something that needs them. Pets are more than just members of the family: they’re critical pieces in the health of others.


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