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Non-surgical butt lift – the latest trend in cosmetic industry

Cosmetic treatments can do wonders to your body by working on the defective areas and rectifying them. When it comes to defining female beauty, buttocks play an important role in the same. Women with well-shaped and fuller buttocks definitely have an enhanced oomph factor. However, aging and other factors might take a toll on the appearance of the person and might lead to sagging or out of shape butts. But there is nothing to worry as it is possible to regain the beauty of your butts via various processes. Surgical as well as non-surgical processes are there, which help in having rounded, well-shaped and toned and fuller butts for those perfect curves. Non-surgical butt lift has become extremely popular as it is non-invasive and less painful. 

What is butt lift actually?

Before we understand the benefits of non-surgical bum lift, it is important to know and understand what butt lift is actually. Buttock lift is nothing but a cosmetic procedure, which helps in improving the appearance of the buttocks. Along with increasing the volume of the butts, the lift also helps in improving the shape of the buttocks significantly. The butts have an even tone and texture and smooth appearance. 

In various kinds of researches it has been seen that different kinds of buttock augmentation treatments are available for achieving the desired shape of the buttocks in patients. It is a well-known fact that with aging, sagging can be seen in various body parts – right from the skin to breasts to buttocks. There is also the issue of cellulite deposition in butt areas and thighs. And all these together hamper the appearance of the individual greatly. Butt lifting is an attempt to reverse the aging process to some extent. Also, it is done for adhering to the beauty standards of present day. 

There are no medical reasons for carrying out the process of butt lifting, it is solely done for cosmetic purposes. Surgical and non-surgical procedures are available for butt lifting. 

Non-surgical butt lift – a coveted way to get fuller butts

It is a relieving news for many people who fear to get under the knives but who are looking for butt enhancement. Brazilian bum lift non-surgical, which is also being termed as Sculptra in many places, is a non-surgical and non-invasive procedure for getting juicier and fuller butts. 

Fillers have been quite popular in the cosmetic industry off late and their results are quite impressive as well. They have seen to be applied in different parts of the body which need to be given volume and need to look fuller and juicier. The trend has come to the butts as well and being extensively applied and accepted. 

One of the most popular and accepted processes of non-surgical butt lift is that of Sculptra. It is also known as non-surgical gluteal augmentation. Sculptra Aesthetic, which is a kind of an injectable is used for stimulating the natural production of collagen in the body. It is actually a poly L-lactic acid filler, which has been used as a dermal filler traditionally. The main purpose of the filler is contributing to volume restoration in the butts to give it fuller appearance and for skin rejuvenation in the butts. 

Whynon-surgical bum lift London is gaining so much of popularity?

For getting a boost to the booty, there are three main available options. 

The first option is fat grafting, in which liposuction is used for taking fat from other places in the body and put in the butt area for making it look fuller. 

The second option is using of butt Implants where actual implants are inserted in the butts via a surgical process. 

The third is the non-surgical, non-invasive way of butt improvement by Sculptra method, in which a dermal filler is injected in the butt for having plumper posteriors. 

The non-surgical method for butt lifting is gaining immense popularity because of many valid reasons. 

Sculptra is an excellent product which helps in the process of augmentation without using the filler much. Collagen production is boosted with this ingredient in this particular area. An inflammatory response is triggered in the body with Sculptra. A combination of fresh collagen and scar tissue is seen as a result. 

This filler is different from hyaluronic acid fillers as the latter only pumps more volume to the butts, that’s all. A visible change in contour can be seen with use of Sculptra. 

There is no downtime in this procedure apart from slight soreness. One can get back to work the same day of the procedure. Refraining from heavy exercises is recommended. 

There are pros and cons of all treatments. Judge for yourself how effective Sculptra will be for you and take the plunge. However, you will need few sittings for the same to get final results. 


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