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Non-Surgical Ways of Pain Management

Back pain can take a toll on your body, whether chronic or acute. Chronic pain can affect your neurovascular, digestive and endocrine systems and how you walk and sit. Pain becomes chronic pain when it persists for months and goes beyond the ability of your body to heal naturally. Thankfully, you can treat chronic pain. You can consider natural and non-surgical pain management Jacksonville FL for chronic back pain. 

Physical Therapy

Exercise can be an effective non-surgical pain management option for chronic back pain. You can try this option under the supervision of a spine physical therapist. Since not all exercises work for everyone, your physical therapist can assist you in personalizing exercises. Physical therapy for chronic pain management may include retraining your posture, aerobic exercises, core strengthening and testing pain tolerance limits.

Diet Change

Some diets can be highly inflammatory, especially when they contain high levels of refined sugars and trans fats. Talking to a doctor can help you to design a menu that can manage chronic pain. For instance, maintaining a healthy weight can significantly reduce back pain by minimizing spine pressure.

Lifestyle Changes

It’s wise to pay attention to your body and learn what works or doesn’t work for you. It’s advisable to take note of activities that worsen back pain and go slow on them. It could help in preventing the condition from advancing. You can also stop smoking to manage pain.

Stress Management 

Chronic pain can be caused or aggravated by stress. Stress may change how your body perceives pain. Therefore, stress management can be an effective way of managing chronic back pain. You may try techniques such as meditation, yoga and deep breathing.

Chronic back pain can be caused by an array of issues, including spinal stenosis, age and arthritis. It’s wise to use these non-surgical constant pain management techniques before considering surgical procedures. However, you may have to consult your doctor before implementing these options for a personalized solution.


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