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The Perfect Requirements Addresses for Mattresses

There are materials, box spring, thickness, resilience, firmness. Difficult to find, it is your way around to know which mattress to buy, as the characteristics are so varied. It provides you with five tips for sorting and then having sweet dreams. You can have a look at the pillow top mattress review  and come up with the best choices.

Foam, spring or latex mattress?

This is the question to be decided first and also the most complex, because the three types of mattresses each have their qualities.

  • The foam a fortiori high resilience or shape memory is known to provide better support because it adapts to different parts of the body. A quality mattress in this material can seduce people with fragile back.
  • The spring mattress has as an argument a better comfort of reception, and a good ventilation. It is generally recommended for people who are overweight or who sweat easily at night.
  • Finally, the latex mattress is distinguished by its ability to follow the shape of the body and find its own. It also guarantees good sleeping independence, prized by those whose spouse is a little too restless in their sleep or much more corpulent.

The quality of a mattress is not a luxury

But whatever the choice of mattress type, the result will only come with a quality product. This means a thickness of at least 12 centimeters (it is not very useful to exceed 25 centimeters) and, for a foam or latex mattress, a density of at least 25kg / m3. These are two clues which do not do everything, however, since the quality of preparation plays a lot. For a spring mattress, only pocket springs guarantee optimal comfort and good sleeping independence.

The firmness of the mattress depends on you

There is no such thing as a “good” degree of firmness for a mattress, although the extremes are as is often the case not recommended. It is up to the mattress to adapt to your morphology and not the reverse. In principle, firm mattresses are more suitable for light people and softer mattresses for heavier ones. If there is a space between the body and the mattress, it is too firm; if it is difficult to pass from the position on the back to that on the side, it is because it is too soft.

Mattress labels do not say everything

The waltz of figures and characteristics on mattress labels can quickly make you dizzy. But from a minimum quality (see advice 2), it should not be the only element of decision. For example, there is no standard for describing a mattress as “firm” or “soft”. From one brand to another, these indications can therefore refer to different realities. It is therefore essential to try your mattress since the choice depends above all on the characteristics of the purchaser.

Under a mattress, there is a box spring

The role of the box spring is also important for comfort and the sellers often make it an argument to offer lots. Buying both at the same time is not necessary if your box spring is in good condition and does not contradict the qualities sought in the purchase of the mattress.

The slatted base can accommodate all types of mattresses and its comfort depends on the flexibility of the slats. When these are covered, it is better protected but breathes less. The box spring is reserved for mattresses of the same type and if its comfort is recognized, it is considered less durable.


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