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The Role of Carcinogens in raising the effect of Tumors

Malignant tumors have been known since ancient times, but in the last century they have become the most frightening and insidious disease. The reason for the development of the disease is the so-called carcinogens (literally causing cancer), from which it is practically impossible to completely protect ourselves in modern living conditions. Everywhere we are bombarded with warnings about chemicals that cause cancer – in food, cosmetics, medicines, detergents, city air and elsewhere. However, chemical carcinogens are only one part of the causes of cancer. Along with them, there are physical and biological factors that are no less insidious.

What are physical carcinogens? 

You might have ever wondered how do carcinogens cause cancer. Radiation, X-rays, ultraviolet rays. The first two factors are certainly well known to you, as for the sun (solarium), we tend to underestimate its harmful effects. Our desire to get a chocolate tan often turns out to be stronger than common sense. However, the statistics are relentless – skin cancer (melanoma) is the most common cancer.

There are hundreds of chemicals that have been proven to cause cancer, and thousands more are suspected carcinogens. The most dangerous of them are part of our lives every day – in cosmetics, detergents, food. You often think you are eating a delicious dinner, but you are actually getting overdoses of nitrates (in greenhouse vegetables and sausages), peroxides (which are formed during frying) and benzopyrine (obtained by grilling or smoking animal products). The topic of the famous E’s (chemical additives in food) is so broad that we better not start it. Did you sit down? Then drink some water, just not from the tap. Because chlorinated water often contains dioxin. But anyway, this highly toxic substance hovers in the air, emitted by car mufflers and industrial production.

Perhaps the least is known about the biological factors that cause cancer. These are some viruses and molds. For example, black mold, which we often coexist with in our homes, releases alpha toxin- one of the most highly carcinogenic substances. We should not treat fungi lightly at all. Cutting out the moldy part of a food does not eliminate the danger at all – the toxins have already spread throughout the product. There are also many molds that are not visible to the naked eye – especially in cereals and nuts coming from the Far East and Africa. In these warm and humid areas, insidious fungi thrive. Does your danger seem too far away? In fact, products from these areas abound in our market, as they are traded at significantly lower prices than European ones. Examples are the notorious carcinogenic peanuts, for which a lot of noise was made, and the thousands of other supplies for which no noise was made.

Can a tumor regress on its own? 

This happens extremely rarely with cancer. Without treatment, cancer progresses in almost all patients. Most of them then take a severe turn.

But there are, the few exceptions: A tumor regresses without the patient receiving specific treatment or although the therapy does not suggest a cure. In order to understand the phenomenon of spontaneous healing, one must first understand what healing actually means.

What is healing?

A patient is cured of cancer if the cancer has completely disappeared and does not return in the course of a lifetime. Overall, however, it is difficult to speak of a cure with absolute certainty when it comes to cancer. Because: Cancer cells can initially remain undetected in the body and only begin to divide again after years and form a new tumor.

If tumor foci recede, experts first speak of a so-called remission or regression – even if the cancer has completely receded. However, the term “remission” alone does not describe how pronounced the disease decline is. Experts differentiate between partial and complete remission.

  • Again and again there are media reports about cancer patients who have recovered on their own even without therapy. Many turn out to be incorrect or incomplete – but some spontaneous healings are medically verifiable.
  • The phenomenon of spontaneous healing is not only fascinating, it is also a topic in cancer research: Can the mechanisms behind it be uncovered and used specifically for a treatment?
  • However, patients should not rely on a spontaneous decline in cancer disease: Statistically, healing without treatment is extremely rare.

People who have experienced an unexpected spontaneous recovery often describe their impressions in a very impressive way. Some are sure that they know how they brought about the phenomenon and find different explanations for their healing.

The exact causes for the development of cancer are still not clear. In the meantime, however, certain risk factors have been identified. You must focus on the Natural Cancer Cures that Work. For example, an unhealthy lifestyle with smoking and little exercise promotes the development of cancer. The diet and cancer are related. 

Therefore everyone should pay attention to their lifestyle in order to prevent cancer. In addition, the earlier cancer is detected, the better it can be treated. Here, too, everyone can do something themselves: Those who have regular early detection examinations can increase their chances of recovery in an emergency.


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