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What Condition arises the case of Repair Hair Transplants

The hair restoration/transplantation is a very challenging aesthetic cosmetic procedure that needs an extreme precision while implanting the grafts into the recipient site. Complications may occur after implanting the grafts onto the recipient site or in the area of the donor, this may due to surgical or idiopathic causes. So, it is very important to choose such Surgeon who has an expertise in the same field with a number of years’ experience along with the credit of solving the revision hair transplant cases. 

The artistic part in the hair transplant surgery plays a major role as the surgical success wholly and solely decided by the growth of hair in a particular angle and direction. Apart from the surgical implication that is associated with the extraction of grafts and closing the donor area, the artistic touch in the procedure weighs an important place that says about the success of the procedure.

The aim of Repair Hair Transplant Surgery:

The repair hair transplant surgery is only performed by the expert plastic & cosmetic hair transplant surgeon who has both the M.S (General Surgery) and M Ch degree that assures you about the procedural success is because the efficiency in doing the procedure only comes when the Surgeon is both surgical, theoretical as well as the practical knowledge and experience. 

The aim of a retrospective analysis of the past restoration case is to analyze the causes of failure and the present condition of the patient to match the desired needs of the hair transplantation.

Why Hair Transplant Go Failure?

It is mandatory to undergo a preoperative surgical evaluation in order to know about the present donor as well as the recipient condition. The pre-evaluation of scalp helps a Surgeon to opt the skillful technique as according to the state of hair loss as well as the available donor area strength to achieve the aesthetic goal of the surgery. 

There are 3 important Reasons that describe when a Procedure goes wrong:

  • Hairline Design & Density: It is very important for the placement of grafts that each graft should follow a particular angle and direction to give the natural hairline. In some instances, you may mark a wrong hair transplant patient worried about the awkward symmetrical hairline that can easily identify that the hair is transplanted. So, it is a peculiar decision in the hair transplant that the placement of grafts should follow the zigzag pattern.

  1. The Slitting job for the Placement: The slitting process is what that decides the place of insertion of grafts and it must be done by the expert Surgeon. The slitting decides the direction of placement and also follows the same rule, which is followed during the implantation of grafts.
  2. Distribution of Grafts: It is a concerning aspect of the hair restoration that what type of grafts should be placed at what destination. The slim grafts should be implanted into the front area, whereas the chubby grafts in the crown area of the scalp.


On the whole, we can say that the preoperative evaluation is needed, whether the case is first or a revision hair transplant. To make an artistic success of the procedure, it is mandatory that a performing surgeon has such aesthetic and surgical skills and knowledge in order to meet the natural goal of the hair transplantation. 


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