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Why people go for Zygoma reduction-plasty?

One might get confused hearing the word Zygoma reduction. Putting it in simple words, zygoma reduction plasty is a surgery done for the reduction of the facial width by removing a part of the cheekbone or the zygomatic bone and arch. It comes under the domain of facial reconstruction and cosmetic surgery. The question arises that why people go for this surgery? Cheekbones are the most obvious and essential aspect of your face. Many people with wide faces struggle with low self-esteem and low confidence. Asians are among the majority who go for this procedure. The procedure brings proportionality to one’s face making them more beautiful. This allows one to be more confident in their selves, approach people more easily, and achieve high self-esteem.

Procedures involved in Zygoma reduction-plasty

Two techniques are used to perform the surgery. One is the cheekbone shaving and the other is cheekbone osteotomy. An intraoral incision is made in cheekbone shaving. Some specialized tool is used to take down the projection of the cheekbone that is causing the widening of the face. The other technique, cheekbone osteotomy, is performed for severe cases in which cheekbone shaving would not be sufficient. This procedure includes incisions being made inside the mouth and in front of both of the ears to easily access the cheekbones (zygomatic bones). Highly skilled surgeons are required to perform this surgery. Zygoma reduction plasty in Yanhee hospital [ดโหนกแก้มยันฮี, which is the term in Thai] is done by highly experienced and qualified surgeons.

Why you should prefer Yanhee Hospital?

The Yanhee hospital in Thailand has over 16 professional medical experts in the field of cheekbone reduction. If you want the surgical procedure to go hassle-free without any complications, Yanhee hospital will facilitate you in every aspect. Yanhee hospital is available to offer you high quality Zygoma plasty services without any hassle.


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