6 healthy habits you should teach your kid

Nurturing good habits in kids at an early age is very important. Doing regular things turns into habits and these habits help in building a good and responsible person out of your child. Children are very observant and pay attention to everything happening around them. Therefore, it is important as a parent you imbibe these healthy habits and morals in your kids.

Healthy habits every parent should teach their child:

  • Eating healthy

Healthy eating habits are of utmost importance in kid’s formative years. Though it may become challenging for you, however; you must refrain from feeding junk and too much sugary food to your child. Make them aware of the effects of unhealthy food and help them in making the right choices in their diet.

  • Washing hands before and after eating food

We know that most of the diseases are caused due to eating contaminated food or drinking water. Thus, you should make your kid understand the ill-effects of eating food with dirty hands. Teach your kid the right techniques of hand washing. Choose the best hand washing liquid for your kids and family for better protection.

  • Using handkerchief or tissue

Teach your kid how to use a tissue or handkerchief while sneezing or coughing. Also, show them how to dispose of the used tissues into the dustbin.Make them understand how they can prevent infections due to germs.

  • Limited screening time

Children love to sit for hours in front of a television or computer and watch their favorite cartoons and shows. It is important to keep an eye on time your child is spending in front of the screen. Too much screen time can affect your child’s vision also make them lazy and restless.

  • Encourage out-door activities 

Physical activity is as essential as a good diet for your kid’s healthy and natural growth. Encourage your kidsto play out-dooractivities such as running, cycling, and playing at the park with their friends. Physical activitywill energize your child and keep them happy and motivated.

  • Sleeping on time

Kids need more sleep than adults do to regain their body energy.A good amount of sleep helps your child energetic and fresh for the next day. Set up a sleeping routine and see your child adheres to it. Irregular sleeping can make your child irritable the next day.

As your child is growing up teaching them good morals such as respecting others – not only the adults but the younger kids and kids their age too – and treating everyone equal will help them be a better person in future.

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