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An integral part of auto repair is its painting

An integral part of auto repair is its painting. Auto instructors, who often have to go to car service centres, believe that successful painting is not only the application of paint to the surface; it is also the proper auto preparation. The durability of the coating and its appearance depend on three components: work with paint, quality of the material and preparation.

You have just completed driving training, bought a car, but, as is often the case with beginners, got damage to the car body. How to make the paintwork look like new after repair? Of course, call specialists. However, you can find out the entire painting procedure, the technology of which has common principles and operations.

The main stages of any painting are as follows:

  • preparation of equipment and material;
  • car body preparation;
  • preparation of a place for work.

In order to paint a car, you will need paint, primer, putty (the amount depends on the surface area for painting). As for the equipment: sandpaper, a grinder with circles, a grinding plane, a compressor, an airbrush and a building hair dryer.

The usual preparation of the body begins with car washing, dust and dirt removing from the body, traces of oil, antifreeze and other fuels and lubricants. Next, you should dismantle all the elements that do not need to be painted. If there is damage, then they must first be repaired, and then you should apply putty and primer on the surface.

If the preparation was carried out correctly, then the surface gets smooth, which will ensure even good application of paint, its economy and uniformity of drying.

Sometimes a developing layer is applied to the body, which helps to identify all defects in the paintwork after puttying. To obtain an agent for the development layer, the paint is diluted in the following proportions: four parts of the solvent and one part of the paint, after which all components are thoroughly mixed.


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