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Braces and their care: 3 things you shouldn’t forget

Having a perfect smile is not a matter of magic or luck. It is true that sometimes genetics helps and you could have aligned teeth, but if your case is the opposite, stop overthinking and make an appointment with an orthodontist. Having straight teeth is not only aesthetically nice, but it also brings fewer cavities, tartar and gum problems.

According to a North Calgary orthodontist, oral diseases affect half of the world’s population, but luckily, metrics confirm that Canada is among the world leaders when it comes to the overall oral health of its citizens. Therefore, if you need to look out for braces, you will have endless options.

Fruits such as apples or peaches will be out of your life while you wear braces. The reason? They are so hard that they become impossible to bite. Trying it can delay the end of your treatment by CENTURIES.

Other prohibited foods are:

  • Candies, both hard and sticky varieties.
  • Hard bread.
  • Popcorn.
  • Peanuts.
  • Ice. Technically, it’s not a food, but you should not bite it.


If you already had to be meticulous and super clean before with your teeth, now that you have braces you have to make a triple effort to keep them clean. Brush your teeth, gums, and appliances after ingesting any food. You do not want to hear someone else telling you that you have food between your teeth. How embarrassing!

One of the questions you ask when looking for the best treatment to fix your teeth is the next one: what is better between Invisalign or braces? Although each one of them has its advantages and disadvantages, it is an important decision that you must make before starting a treatment. In this article, we give you the advice and help you need to make the best choice.

Brackets (also known as metal braces) and Invisalign braces (clear plastic aligners) are the most common methods for orthodontic treatment. However, they have advantages and disadvantages that you should consider what the best treatment for you is.

Braces is your best friend

Brackets or metal braces have some benefits that Invisalign does not have. Some of these are:

The braces have additional brackets – The brackets have a metal bar that Invisalign does not have. This makes your treatment last less time than invisible orthodontic treatment since this extra support helps to straighten the teeth in a faster way.

They correct major problems – If your orthodontic treatment has more significant needs, braces may be your only option. The braces can fix even the most complicated issues in the alignment of the teeth.

They correct faster – On average, users who use braces can fix their teeth alignment problems in less time than users who have used aligners.

They correct the bite – If your bite is abnormal, using metal braces can correct this problem to degrees’ aligners cannot. This can prevent other oral health problems in the future and help to correct various dental issues.

Brackets have a lower price – Although the difference in the amount of authorization is less than before (due to invisible orthodontic treatment becoming more affordable), metal brackets are still slightly cheaper. Depending on your dental insurance, these can also cover the partial or total cost of the metal braces.


Orthodontic treatment with braces has a few disadvantages when compared to the invisible orthodontic treatment. Some are:

Braces are visible – The most common reason why many pay the slightly higher price of transparent orthodontics is that it makes them feel more comfortable and does not affect their self-esteem. If this is an essential point for you, maybe Invisalign is your best option.

They hurt more – A common complaint among users who have chosen this orthodontic treatment is the pain they cause. Since the number of Invisalign users who complain of pain is much lower, we can conclude that braces are more painful.

They are not removable – An advantage that you will miss when using braces is not being able to remove them, which makes cleaning and hygiene of the teeth difficult.

Have the dentist’s phone at hand

If you notice any anomaly, lose a bracket, burst a league or feel a lot of pain (more than usual), pick up the phone and schedule an appointment with them URGENTLY.

Remember that beauty costs, and having braces right now will seem a little uncomfortable, but when you see your TV smile in a few months, you will not regret it.

Tell us, what adventures have you had with braces?


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