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Broken Jaw: Signs, Symptoms, And Treatment

An emergency dentist Arlington VA deals with more than just loose dental implants or knocked off teeth. If you got your jaw broken, this dental expert can also help you out with your predicament.

What Causes Broken Jaw

Your skull and your jawbone are linked by joints called the temporomandibular joints (TMJ). Mostly due to external forces, these joints can be broken or cracked. You have a broken jaw if one or both joints are fractured (if it’s unhinged, it’s referred to as dislocated jaw).

The most common causes of having a broken jaw are:

Getting injured in the face while playing sports

Falling accidentally at home or in a workplace

Getting involved in road or vehicle accidents

Experiencing a physical assault with the face as the main target

Symptoms of a Broken Jaw

If you encountered one of the situations mentioned above, it’s but natural to suspect yourself of having a broken jaw. But how do you know if you indeed have one and need an emergency dentist Arlington VA?

Below we’ve listed the symptoms you need to watch out for:

Pain in the jaw area and/or in the face

Numbness of the face

Swelling on the face

Difficulty moving the jaw

Jaw moving sideways when you’re opening your mouth

Teeth that are dislodged

Bear in mind that the pain and damage could even extend beyond the jaw area; if the facial trauma is severe, it can also cause your nose, cheek, or mouth to be broken.

The abovementioned symptoms can also indicate you have a dislocated jaw. Seeking an expert should be done immediately to properly identify and consequently address your problem.

Treating a Broken Jaw

Having a broken jaw is often considered an emergency. But before you go to an emergency dentist Arlington VA, see to it that you have your jaw supported — either by holding it with your hands or with a bandage. Keep in mind that attempting to align the jaw is a big no-no — let an expert handle this one.

Treating a broken jaw depends on its severity. The condition of your jaw can be done by your dentist physically examining it or taking X-rays (or CT scans).

If you’re on the more severe side, expect the dentist and the oral surgeon to conduct a surgery. This procedure includes screwing wires or metal plates on the sides of your jaw. It will then proceed with the natural healing process, which may be completed in several weeks.

After the broken jaw is fixed, your dentist will also ask you to do some exercises to help strengthen the muscles in your jaw area. This step is very crucial as your jaw had just come from a phase of inactiveness while being healed.

If your case is not that severe, your dentist will most likely recommend to let it naturally heal. During this time, a cold compress should be applied to control the swelling. If swelling persists or is accompanied by difficulty in breathing, you should call 911 immediately.

An emergency dentist Arlington VA at Arlington Advanced Dental Care can help you out of a tricky situation involving teeth injury while doing your daily chores or activities. Contact us today!


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