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Golf Fitness Books That May Help You Enhance Your Game

As 2012 is here, many golfers are searching for golf fitness books that can help them enhance their game in addition to their all around health. Many golfers have questions regarding what should a they be searching for within their golf fitness book. After you want to your physician and obtain approval to start a golf exercise program, you need to look for a book which has different amounts of difficulty, specific golf strength exercises, golf specific versatility exercises in addition to golf diet.

Katherine Roberts

Katherine Roberts may be the founder and host from the

“Yoga For Golfers” program around the Golf Funnel. In her own book “Yoga For Golfers”, Roberts offers her unique educational methods within this groundbreaking book by supplying instruction towards the countless golfers. These golfers include many top touring professionals. Recently, many touring professionals have switched to the skill of yoga to enhance their game. According to twenty years of expert knowledge, Katherine Roberts connects the body and mind to produce a effective fitness regimen. This book covers the next: yoga postures particularly selected for any golfer’s needs proper breathing techniques mind-relaxation methods injuries-reducing stretches and visualization tools for achievement off and on the program.

Kelly Blackburn

Using the book “Exercises for Elite Golfing Technique”, you are able to train such as the pros to enhance your golf performance. Kelly Blackburn is really a fitness consultant and private trainer to PGA TOUR professionals, along with the fitness contributor for, the state website for that PGA TOUR. In “Exercises for Elite Golfing Technique”‘ she provides her trend setting strength and versatility system, the “Elite Golfing Technique Program.” This technique helps the professionals drop strokes using their scores, also it can perform the same for you personally regardless of your handicap! Blackburn includes 138 highlighted exercises so that you can easily observe how are all performed and make certain you’re always using proper technique. First, you’ll use her “Fitness Analyzer” to pinpoint your present level of fitness. Then, you’ll begin among the three amounts of strength programs, so that you can take advantage of the program immediately regardless of what shape you’re in now.

Vijay Vad

Many recreational and professional golfers are afflicted by some type of back discomfort. Conventional knowledge shows that the violent, twisting nature of your golf swing, which puts undue force on the spine, may be the sole offender. But research conducted by sports-medicine specialist Vijay Vad, M.D., with PGA Tour pros, lately printed within the esteemed American Journal of Sports Medicine, reveals the swing is just one of countless factors. Applying Dr. Vad’s winning mixture of mind/body knowledge and medical expertise to golf, “Golf Rx” shares his cutting-edge findings and addresses various topics which will enhance your golf performance.

Edward Jackowski

“Fit To Some Tee” is a straightforward-to-follow, fully highlighted book plus exercise DVD featuring fitness pro instructors, you will get power, improve your flexibility, striking it farther, shot after shot. Listed here are the strategies of proper conditioning and just how it carries to your game, and advice regarding how to remain focused psychologically and physically through the entire round. “Fit To Some Tee” is for everyone and skill levels, from weekend players to touring professionals.


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