Ways to build your child’s immunity

Your little one may fall sick often, but you can reduce the number of their sick days by boosting their immunity. We outline a few ways to do this.

Immunity is vital for all children, so that they can stave off illness and reduce the number of sick days per year. Kids with lower immunity levels may be seen sniffling, miserable and in bed when their friends are in school or out playing. 

Though children have lower immunity than adults, there are ways to build it so that your child is healthier and fitter:

  • Include milk in your child diet.

Every child must drink milk, one of the most important immune booster for kids. It supplies calcium, protein and good fats, among other important nutrients. Children between the ages of 2 and 5 years can build a stronger immune system by drinking two glasses of milk every day. If your child is fussy about drinking plain milk, add a nutritional powder loaded with nutrients like Vitamins, calcium, protein, zinc, etc. Apart from its physical benefits, the powder also enhances brain development in children. Plus, such powders arealso available in flavours like vanilla without any added sugar.

  • Add seasonal fruit and vegetables to their diet.

Green leafy vegetables, carrots, tomatoes and lettuce are all important foods to increase immunity – they provide a host of important nutrients like vitamins, zinc and amino acids. Meanwhile, fruits like bananas, mangoes, oranges, a range of berries (strawberry, blueberry, etc.) provide phytonutrients and infection-resisting nutrients to block out viruses. About three servings of fruits and vegetables a day are ideal: make yummy smoothies or milk shakes with fruit if your child refuses to eat their greens with their roti or rice.

  • Insist on regular sleep times.

A child that sleeps between 8 and 10 hours a night is a happy, healthy child. Long sleep times and a regular sleep schedule help cell repair, boost memory, aid muscle recovery, and develop immunity. Sufficient amounts of sleep are also linked with proper baby brain development and quicker recovery from injury and fatigue. Younger children sleep more than older children but do insist on them sleeping and waking up at the same time every day.

  • Let them play.

Limit your child’s exposure to digital gadgets and the TV set and encourage them to go out and play with their friends. Playing in the fresh air increases blood oxygenation, tones the muscles and bones, and aids toxin removal from the body. In turn, your child’s immunity is improved. Games that involve following a set of rules and playing in teams are also great for your child’s brain development.

  • Keep them safe from seasonal viruses.

Young children fall prey to seasonal infections much quicker than adults do, owing to weaker immunity. Their immune systems are still being developed, and they need to be protected against seasonal viruses and infections. Germ-proof your home with regular disinfection, using antibacterial liquid washing soap, washing your child’s clothes in a separate laundry load, and conducting regular pest control to stave off bugs and insects.

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