What is Structured Silver? What’s the Buzz About It?

A remarkable alkaline solution is structured silver liquid, and it has the characteristics of the antimicrobial solution. It has metallic silver of 0.001 percent and pure water of 99.999 percent.

It tastes and smells like water, and looks like a clear liquid. This is because it is 99.999 percent of water. But it is making the change in perspective of preventive medicine.

It is safe to consume, but it can destroy most of the dangerous diseases known to humanity. It can prevent contagious diseases even without knowing what is that we are suffering from.

It damages the root cause of the condition as well as does so with a greater range of activity than any type of antibiotic, making it a choice for prescription antibiotics. Unlike most pharmaceutical products, it has no negative effects.

Characteristics of Structured Silver

The silver structures have distinct characteristics, including a specific size, a certain electron setup, a certain magnetic vibration, a specific pH, a details magnetic trademark and also a certain structuring result on the water molecules. The resulting mix of silver, as well as water, has some very useful properties. A few of these results are best understood through the lens of physics in contrast to chemistry. Taking into consideration that most individuals watch their health and wellness through the lens of biochemistry and biology, the effectiveness of this new silver can capture people by shock.

Specifically, the latest and most effective Structured Silver fluids can be determined by these attributes:

  • 10 ppm silver in water
  • molecular structuring (structured water)
  • a moderately alkaline pH (7.3 to 7.5 pH)
  • quality control that is vastly enhanced over old-style silvers
  • magnetic properties

Silver technology has made substantial renovations over the old-style colloidal silvers of 100 years back. Structured Silver is today where penicillin was 80 years back, but it won’t have penicillin’s issues and also will not need a prescription. If you are using a silver fluid that is acidic, ionic or does not utilize structured water, you are not making use of the latest and the most effective items.

Types of Structured Silver Available

Structured Silver is available in a fluid form as well as additionally as a gel. The gel kind of silver has a comparable mix of silver as well as water, however, has also been pH readjusted to make sure that it is optimal for topical use. Although it consists of greater than just two active ingredients, it has been made with maximum safety and purity in mind. Unlike numerous cosmetic items which contain health hazards, chemicals, reproductive toxins, and hormone disruptors, this new gel does not.

My Doctor Suggests taking alkaline structured silver every day to make my body preventive of any kind of health hazards.

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