Whitening Your Teeth at Home

Your teeth are an important part of your health, overall appearance, and psychological well-being. When you smile you want your teeth to look presentable and have vibrant white coloration. However, your teeth can become dull or stained through a variety of causes. This can include common drinks such as coffee, smoking, or certain types of food. No matter the reason if your teeth don’t look their best this can have a noticeable impact on your daily life. If your teeth are stained it can cause you to smile less and also worry about what other people think of your appearance. This negative impact on social engagement and self-image is one you want to correct as soon as possible.

There are several methods of teeth whitening available, ranging from store-bought products to professional dental services. When you need teeth whitening treatments, you should always go to a professional and luckily, several companies that specialize in these products will deliver right to your home. Let’s look at four such companies.


ProWhitening offers an easy-to-use at-home product to whiten your teeth. Ease of use is a key feature of ProWhitening’s products. They are easy to apply, comfortable to wear, provide a taste of mint, and won’t damage your enamel. Their whitening strips have sold to over 50,000 customers in Norway and their website handily notes several five-star reviews from their customers. They also offer a fourteen-day money-back guarantee if their whitening strips don’t work for you.

Tandblekning Direkt

Tandblekning Direkt or Tooth Whitening Direct is a Sweden-based website that provides the valuable service of comparing tooth whitening products. They compare the most common whitening products including strips, pens, full-at-home kits, and even home remedies. Their goal is to provide you with useful information for picking the whitening product that best fits your needs. Their scores are based on product performance and other useful points such as what each product includes, how fast it comes to you, and chemical content.

Smile Brilliant

Smile Brilliant is based in St. Louis, MO in the United States. They are focused on providing their customers with a highly customized professional method for tooth whitening. They offer an assortment of dental products including toothbrushes and whitening pastes. However, their key product is their complete whitening kit. This kit includes all the tools needed to customize a tray fitted to your teeth for the precise application of whitening gels. Trays (despite being a bit harder to use than strips) are often considered an effective way to whiten your teeth due to the fact they are customized for your teeth.


SmileTime provides several types of teeth whitening products, such as pens, gels, and charcoal whitening kits. Customer reviews note the effectiveness, fast improvement, and easy-of-use of the many products they offer. Based in the United Kingdom, SmileTime sells its products worldwide and notes over 60,000 satisfied customers in 15 countries that they have assisted with teeth whitening. They were also founded to help people improve their dental health and improve their self-confidence.

Final Thoughts

Dental health is important and the appearance of your teeth is a part of your dental health. The appearance of your teeth is important and just because your teeth are healthy doesn’t mean they are in top condition. Stained teeth can negatively impact how you view yourself and make you second guess yourself in both your private and professional life. There is an assortment of dental products to help you improve the appearance of your teeth. Strips, gels, trays, and other such items offer you several options for whitening your teeth based on your needs and preferred type of treatment.