All You Need to Know About Purple Kush Strain

Out of the different weed strains, the purple kush is perhaps the most well-known, and not without concrete reasons. Let’s take a look at this vibrant and rich strain. 

The deep violet, red, and pink hues allow it to be distinguished from other strains easily. You may have a common taste palate to recognize wine and grapes. This strain, too, carries the same essence. Users report being super excited during the day upon its consumption.   


It consists of two renowned strains – Afghani Purple and Hindu Kush. The 100% indica strain carries almost 18 to 25% THC. This makes purple kush a potent weed strain. It is hugely popular due to its capability to stimulate the sense and keep the user alert and excited.   


Its appearance is characterized by vibrant hues and sparkling purple shade all over. The plant may also have a combination of green on the leaves along with orange on the pistils.

Cultivation tips

These strains can be of medium difficulty to cultivate. They don’t grow very tall and tend to remain near ground level. Due to this, you need to look for a place that offers ample sunlight at such low levels. The plant must get adequate protection from pests and is resistant to mold. Its flowering takes place in 8 weeks and offers roughly 9 to 15 ounces per plant.  

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