Can Marijuana Bring Breakthrough in Medicinal Applications?

Status of marijuana in modern world

Marijuana was discovered thousands of years ago when it was well-known by the name of cannabis. Many ancient cultures of this world had consciousness about this plantation and about certain benefits they could derive from its use to treat a few medical conditions. With the passage of time, marijuana culture went through transformation with ban on this plantation. Marijuana has been controversial for a long time as some cultures restricted its use, whereas a few others favored it and granted recognition to its use. Amid controversy, marijuana was successful in accomplishing place among marijuana fans. With restrictions on its free existence, people buy weed online and sometime even grow indoor in home with the help of LED grow lights.

What are its medical applications?

Today, marijuana is not recognized as a pharmaceutical drug that you can conveniently get locally and even doctors don’t recommend their patients to ingest marijuana as a medicine till they have green signal from the FDA. The consumers take it at their own risk in many different forms. Smoking, oral ingestion, intravenous injection, vaporizing, sublingual absorption, transdermal patch, and rectal depository are the common ways that most consumers use in the present time. 

Will marijuana be a prescribed medicine?

With so many uses informally in practice it is certain that marijuana has a few benefits, if not more, to treat medical conditions. The governmental approval is needed to recognize its medicinal use which is not achievable until research studies can provide sufficient evidence in support of the marijuana benefits in humans even if it’s practically used by a large population for medical purpose. Wait till the FDA gives the nod!

Marijuana will continue in use!

Marijuana will be in use among consumers till they’ve facility to buy cannabis online or mail order cannabis, though it may not be breakthrough in medical world in future.

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