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Nicotine salt in e-juice

Are you new to vaping or looking for ways to quit smoking for good? Or are you trying to find out the special vape devices in the market? Well – then continue reading to find what vape devices are and the e-juice used in these devices.

Those in the vaping industry assure that nic salt e-liquid offers a wealth of benefits. But remember that not all vape devices are designed to be used with nicotine salts. The reasons behind why certain vape devices such as the disposable vapes are best suited to nicotine salts are that it is not burned, instead of heated to produce the vapes. Let us try to understand what nicotine salt is and why it helps in enhancing your vaping experience.

First, let us understand what nicotine salts are. Nicotine salts or nic salts are now the hottest in trend, especially with the youngsters. It provides the vapers with a smooth stronger hit of nicotine without hitting the throat harshly. Hence the nicotine salts have changed the vaping game altogether and are now opted by the smokers as a healthier swap from traditional cigarettes.

Nicotine salt is found in the tobacco leaf that is combusted to produce smoke and ash while using the traditional cigarette. Hence, e-juice is considered as the holistic alternative to smoking. It promises to satisfy the craving for smoking for longer with enhanced health benefits. Nicotine salts are combines with the other liquid ingredients along with flavours for the vapers to experience a closer feel to the actual cigarette smoking.

Now that we understood what nicotine salt e-liquid is let us check the devices that are compatible with it –

Nicotine salt is the e-juice that is created to offer a lower pH while vaping. This helps in getting a smoother hit on the throat. To achieve the right pH level the organic nic salts are combined with benzoic acid. Benzoic acids help to reduce the pH and the alkalinity of nicotine. This unique blend helps with an effective experience while vaping. Have you tried Geek bar disposable vapes to find out the experience  of nicotine throat hit it offers?

But we need to be careful about the devices used. It will cause a harsh and overwhelming vape experience when a higher nicotine level is used in the devices such as high powered mod.

The nicotine salt e-juice is said to be unsuitable for most standard tanks and vape devices. Hence, specially designed vapes are now available in the market to have the best experience while using higher nic salt content levels. These are specifically designed to offer optimum results and ensure the successful quitting of smoking. E-cigarettes such as vape pods or pod kits are specially designed to work perfectly with nic salts.

Devices such as the nic salt pods operate at low wattage owing to their smaller size. With lower power, the vaper gets the best experience while using vape pods.

Also, the lower coil resistance helps in a stronger hit to the vaper. But, since nic salt holds high potency of nicotine, the vape devices with the higher coil resistance is sufficient for the perfect experience.


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