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What Are Feminized Seeds And Their Advantages

Feminized seeds are female plants used in the selling and consumption of marijuana instead of male plants. This blog will explain what feminized seeds are and their advantages.

1- What are feminized marijuana seeds?

Feminized seeds are the marijuana seeds that are harvested especially for the sole purpose of consumption. Smokers that use high-quality buds for vaping and smoking get their resinous buds from feminized seeds. Compounds such as THC and CBD concentration are more in the feminized seeds compared to male plants.

2- Difference between feminized seeds and autoflowering seeds?

In the case of feminized seeds, there are no external forces required to push the seeds into the flowering stage. Autoflowering seeds change to the flowering stage without needing any changes from the light source or removing male plants. Autoflower seeds are good for people who are new to the field of weed and have no idea of how to change the light source.

3- Advantages of feminized seeds

There are numerous advantages of feminized seeds, and they are as follows: –

  1. Growing feminized seeds ensures that there will be only female plants in your garden, meaning they can all be utilized for consumption.
  2. They also give a higher yield compared to any other type of seeds or plants.
  3. The growing of feminized seeds ensures the grower will get a good return for the time and money spent.
  4. There is no wastage of space as all the plants produce buds and give high-yielding results.

Wrapping up

Once you get feminized seeds, you can be sure that you will have good quality buds and no wastage of space.


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