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What Does Botox in Masseter Do?

Botox refers to a protein that is usually injected into the muscle for aesthetic, medical, or other purposes. When injected into the muscle, this material blocks nerve signals so that muscles don’t relax and contract the face. Botox injections are often used for different areas of the face including the jaw, forehead, cheeks, eyes, and mouths.

When Botox is injected into the jaw, it is referred to as masseter Botox. This treatment is often used for treating patients that have issues with clenching or grinding their teeth. It is also recommended for individuals that are wearing out of their own teeth.

It is worthwhile to understand that Botox Brighton in masseter can do a lot of things such as:

1. Reduction of pain

Generally, lots of individuals experience teeth grinding and jaw clenching. Migraine and anxiety are some of the major problems that can cause these conditions. Sadly, the conditions are not only unsightly, but they also cause pains for the affected individual. When having pain from teeth grinding or jaw clenching, medical professionals can inject Botox into your masseter to reduce the pain.

2. Slimming of jaw

Without a doubt, each individual has a particular face shape. This face shape can be heart, round, square, oval, and so on. However, if you have issues with your jaw, the shape of your face may be deformed. Otherwise, you may want to change the shape of your face for aesthetic reasons. Whatever the case may be, professionals can help you inject Botox into your masseter to soften the features around your face. As the muscles in your jaw relax, your face will round out. Furthermore, this will make your jawline to become more defined and slimmer. Hence, you tend to look more physically appealing.

3. Alleviation of the symptoms of the temporomandibular joint syndrome

The temporomandibular joint syndrome is a medical condition that affects the temporomandibular joint, which connects your skull to your jawbone. This condition can cause an array of symptoms including tenderness or pain around the jaw, temporomandibular joints, ear, and face. In some circumstances, the problem may lock the joint; thus, making it difficult for you to close or open your mouth. Resultantly, you may not be able to chew or may experience pain when chewing.

Botox can be injected into the masseter to alleviate the majority of these symptoms.

Notably, injecting Botox into the masseter may require some maintenance to ensure that the result lasts for as much as possible. It is essential to understand that Botox in masseter can lead to certain short-term side effects such as headaches, muscle weakness or stiffness, blurred vision, redness, pain, and swelling in the jaw area, and fatigue. However, you can reduce susceptibility to these side effects by only undergoing this treatment under the supervision of a trained and licensed medical doctor.

Nonetheless, the procedure for injecting Botox in the masseter is usually safe and requires lesser recovery time. Also, it does not usually cost as much as plastic surgery which is a more effective alternative.

Violet Rae Murphy: Violet, a biotech analyst, covers advances in health technology, biotech innovations, and the future of personalized medicine.