Know about Lasik treatment in Hamilton Santa Monica

Dr Hamilton is the first Los Angeles-area ophthalmologist to provide patients with CustomVue Lasik bladeless all-laser vision correction, using a combination of advanced laser technologies to provide the best possible vision with the sharpest vision as possible. Dr Hamilton is headquartered in Los Angeles and also serves residents of the communities of Lasik Santa Monica and Beverly Hills. You can visit this site to Book your consultation today.

In the real-life, the Lasik treatment has changed the lives of a lot of people. It is a generally painless process and has been approved by the FDA for over 10 years. The satisfaction of Lasik patients is comparable to that of other medical procedures. In Los Angeles, Santa Monica, and Beverly Hills, more people have laser eye surgery than in any other region. Dr Hamilton is the FDA’s Senior Clinical Researcher for VISX CustomVue in Los Angeles. 98% of participants had unmodified messages. – The surgical vision is 20/20!

Rexhamiltonmd uses state-of-the-art personalized Lasik technology in the Los Angeles and Santa Monica areas. Our Best Lasik Doctors also uses innovative and latest technologies that also includes:

  • Laser Lasik Intra Race without blade
  • Visx CustomVue WavePrint
  • VISX CustomVueS4 star laser
  • VISX CustomVue 3D ActivTrak

Why is Lasik so popular?

Lasik Santa Monica is the most popular vision correction surgery in the United States today. More than a million people undergo this operation each year. Below, we provide information on what Lasik is and how it can provide you with the clear vision you want. Dr Hamilton and his team bring cutting-edge technology and long-standing expertise in Lasik eye surgery to residents of Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, and Los Angeles. Book your Lasik consultation with us now!

What is the result?

Due to patient-specific treatment factors and individual surgical techniques, eye measurements, and potential instrument variability, no one can guarantee accurate results. A good surgeon has great control over the last three variables.

According to US statistics, over 50% of patients achieve visual acuity of 20/20 or better, but it is not necessary to operate with visual acuity of 20/20. The success rate for patients reaching 20/20 and above without glasses or contact lenses can even reach 98%. In contrast, most states require a 20/40 driver’s license. These are 3 rows greater than 20/20.

If you are interested in Lasik Santa Monica, arrange a consultation directly at your home. Dr Hamilton offers renowned Lasik eye surgery in areas such as Santa Monica and Beverly Hills.

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