5 Unhealthy Alcoholic Beverages you should avoid in winter

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Alcohol consumption is getting more in more among people. Now, it is a must-have item to serve at restaurants and café. Most people cannot avoid alcoholic drinks. We accept that there are alcoholic drinks beneficial for your body and weight loss, but that does not mean you do not need to study them. There are good and worst types of alcoholic beverages that you need to know. Know that everything you see in the upright display freezer is not suitable to consume. Many alcoholic beverages are an unhealthy addition to your diet. Know that it is cardinal that you make beneficial choices to maintain your health. Many restaurants and café serve drinks that are high in sugar. The extra amount of sugar and calories makes them harmful to health. There is no harm in consuming cocktails or alcoholic liquids, but it is better to know your selections. The winter season is approaching and, drinking a few cocktails is a must-have for all of us. You need to make yourself a list of drinks that you need to avoid at any cost during the winter season. We are jotting down a list that consists of the worst alcoholic beverages. Make sure you read the below list of unhealthy alcoholic beverages that you should avoid in the winter season.

  1. Mulled wine

The first option in the list of worst alcoholic drinks is none other than mulled wine. Mulled wine is a famous drink that is also known as spice drink. You can make mulled wine using different spices and combining it with red wine. Although it is a popular choice for many people in the winter season, it is not a healthy option for you. The reason is that it has a high amount of sugar that can draw you close to health problems. Know that a single serving of mulled wine can have at least 28 g of sugar and 300 calories.

  • Eggnog

Most of our parties and events are not complete without a serving of eggnog.  You are wrong if you think that eggnog is a healthy choice to gulp down a glass of eggnog. You are forgetting that the various calories you are consuming with eggnog. This drink contains at least 360 calories in a single serving. Consuming a high number of calories can make your body fragile and invite many diseases.  The 360 calories and eggnog also include 0 g of saturated fat, in addition to the 42 g of sugar. After that, you need to add the rum can also jump up the calories count to 400 plus.

  • Vodka with red bull

It is an alarming situation to mix alcohol with any energy drink. Despite this fact, people still like to consume this drink during any holiday season. Many people think this is an energized drink for you, but the side effects may be dangerous for your body.

  • Long island iced tea

This drink is a fav one of many teenagers, and it includes a combination of five liquors. But know that consuming too many potions can cause a hangover for many days.

  • White Russian

The last unhealthy drink on this list is white Russian. This drink contains almost 500 calories. Besides, the calories count double up with whipped cream and sugar.

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