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6 Tempting evening snacks your toddler would love

Toddlers are known to be fussy eaters. As a mother of a toddler, one has to walk on a two-edged sword. The food needs to be nutritious for the child as the nutrients that the child gets in these initial few years of life is crucial as they lay the foundation for future and also,the food needs to satisfy the toddler both by sight as well as by taste. It might seem like a herculean for many to serve tasty and appealing food to kids while keeping an eye on the child’s nutrition.

Amongst all the meals, the most challenging for a mother is to create the perfect balance during snack time. Here are some tempting evening snack recipes for kids, that would help you sail through this challenge.

Here are some tempting evening snacks ideas for your toddler that they would love to gorge on.

Fruit smoothie

Fruits are loaded with nutrients and vitamins. Seasonal fruits are known to be loaded with various benefits for the toddlers. Bananas are known to contain important nutrients like potassium and magnesium. Mangoes are known to be a good source for Vitamin A and C. Naturally, kids do not realize the goodness of fruits and try to stay away from them. The best way to introduce fruits in their diet is to blend it with yogurt and make it a super healthy drink. In fact, if the fruit is sweet,such as jackfruit or banana, there is no need for adding additional sugar into the smoothie.

Veg Poha Cutlet

Vegetables are another war-raising topic at homes. Kids simply dislike them. The best way to upgrade the veggies and make kids eat them is to make a veg poha cutlet. You can coarsely cut all veggies like carrot, pumpkin, cottage cheese and so on and roll them with boiled potato and poha and air fry them to ensure that the cutlets turn out crisp yet super healthy.

Apple Nachos:

This is the era of fast food. If your child is hooked on to same then serve them homemade fast food but with a twist. The apple nachos add a twist to the usual nachos, and the kids seem to love them. All you need to do is cut the apples into super thin slices and drizzle some maple syrup, cocoa powder and nuts to add crunch and an extra dose of health to the snack.

Oat cookies:

Kids love cookies. To control their sugar cravings, you can bake cookies at home and replace the white flour with oats powder and the refined white sugar with jaggery powder.  The kids will love to have these delicious and super healthy cookies.

Ragi and AlooChilla:

When we are talking about child’s nutrition, we have to talk about calcium. Ragi is known to be rich in calcium. Hence, you can serve them a ragi and aloochilla as an evening snack while taking care of their daily calcium intake.

Fruit Salad

If you are lucky that your child loves fruits, then you can simply cut them into small pieces, sprinkle some chat masala on them, and add a fun twist to the healthy meal.

Here are some easy, healthy and tasty snack recipes for kids that will be a sure shot hit at home.


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