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Best Ways to Detoxify Your Hair Follicles of THC

Nowadays, in the USA, drug tests are mandatory industries, and most employers are conducting them as a pre-employment process or maintaining a drug-free working environment.

It does not matter what are reasons for screening, because the fact is that you should know about methods of testing. The main reasons why hair drug test is gaining favor among others, more popular choices such as blood and urine tests, is because of more extended detection history.

Since it stores a long history of drug use and abuse than other types, the solution is much more expensive. At the same time, it is highly challenging to cheat them, and you will not be able to do it privately and to fake results by giving someone else’s hair.

The administrators will remove hair samples directly from your head now of testing. Even if you are bold, you will have to comply, because they will take body hair in that particular situation.

Urine tests are becoming less reliable because there are numerous cheating products. On the other hand, the only way to cleanse your hair from THC is by using best hair detox shampoos that will help you along the way.

According to numerous experts, HR. Departments will use hair follicle drug tests in the future more and more. If you wish to learn how to pass a hair drug test, we have to start from the very beginning:

How Does It Work?

Hair drug screening is convenient because administrators will be able to conduct it in a matter of seconds. At the same time, your hair requires blood to grow, and everything happens in hair follicles.

Therefore, when you consume some drugs, the traces will be inside your blood and finally, in the hair shaft, inside hair follicles. Your body will create drug metabolites or byproducts, that will enter the blood and other cells as well.

Therefore, seven days from consumption, your new hair will start to grow, and it will have inside deposits of drug metabolites that can determine the past usage.

As soon as you reach the laboratory or test location, have in mind that administrators will take small samples of your hair from the back so that no one will notice afterward. They will place it in a sealed container and take it for questioning and analysis.

You should expect from them to take you approximately one and a half inches because that way they will be able to detect drug usage in the last three months. This is the most accurate period for detection; however, it depends from individual to individual.

Have in mind that employers and law enforcement will test you for most common drugs such as hallucinogens, opioids, opiates, prescription medications, weed, cocaine, amphetamine, inhalants, anabolic steroids, hydrocodone and many more.

The main idea between these particular tests is that you will be able to detect long-term users, which means that you can pass if you occasionally smoke pot.

Of course, you should remember that employers might combine hair and urine or blood tests so that they can determine both short and long-term drug abuse.

In theory, hair screening can detect drug abuse up to one year, but the results are the most accurate in three months or ninety days, while blood and urine drug tests are high for consumption that happened in short period from testing.

How Long Does It Take Drugs To Enter Your Hair?

We have mentioned above that you may need between five and seven days for drug metabolites to enter your hair after consumption. Of course, it has to grow steadily to be relevant for testing. Drug traces will remain in your hair until you cleanse it with chemicals or until you shave it off.

Is It Accurate?

You should have in mind that this particular drug test shared the same accuracy and precision as urine or blood screenings, but it can deliver you better results when it comes to long-term usage.

According to drug test companies, they claim that they are 99% accurate, and that makes it almost unbeatable when compared with others on the market.

Check this link: and you will learn more on hair follicle drug test in general.

Best Ways to Pass a Hair Screening

  • Abstinence – Even though it sounds like a most logical way of beating this particular screening, in most cases, you won’t be able to wait that long. If you wish to keep your dream job, it is essential to stop consuming things that will make you unwanted there. That is the main reason why you should abstain for at least four months so that you can succeed. For instance, if you consume weed slowly, you will need at least ten days to cleanse your blood and three months for the hair to grow for 1.5-inches, which is enough for a test. Therefore, you will need more time to grow your hair so that you can cut those parts that feature THC, and you will be able to pass a test with ease.
  • Shave Completely – The most effective way for passing this particular test is by shaving yourself completely. However, that will make you suspicious and unappealing aesthetically, which means that the employer may give you another form of screening such as blood or urine to check you out.
  • Hair Detox – The best way is to use home remedies to help you cleanse and detox your hair deep within. The Macujo method features using Aloe Rid shampoo, as well as vinegar, liquid detergent, and shampoo with salicylic acid. You have to follow a systematic guide that will help you understand how method functions and what you should do. It is essential to repeat the process at least five times before the date arrives, which is vital consideration to remember in general. Have in mind that stripping byproducts and drug metabolites from your hair will require the great cleansing shampoo. However, only a few shampoos work, and one of the best is Aloe Rid old formula that will help you along the way.


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