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How Do I Protect My Eyes While Looking At A Computer Screen? 

Staring at a computer screen has been identified as one of the causes of poor vision, and almost everyone stares at the computer screen and digital devices every day. Not fewer than 50% of people who stare at their computer screen experience eye strain, eye fatigue, and red eyes. Meanwhile, if the advice of your optometrist will work, you need to know how to protect your eyes while looking at a computer screen.

Looking for the best ways to protect your eyes without visiting an optometrist? Read this article further.

  1. Visit an Optometrist

Keeping your eyes in the best condition possible requires getting the best eye care by visiting an optometrist at least twice a year. Know the present condition of your eyes and likely issues through a comprehensive eye examination when you visit a professional optometrist. Meanwhile, it is essential to tell your optometrist how often you use the computer, and how close the screen is to you.

  1. Reduce Glare

Another way to protect your eyes is by lowering the rate of glare produced by your computer screen. Install an anti-glare screen on your computer to reduce the glare. Also, you can wear glasses with anti-reflective coating to prevent the reflection of the screen on your lenses. 

  1. Blink Frequently

If your optometrist advised you on the use of a computer, it would be to blink often anytime you are working on the computer to avoid dryness and irritation. Usually, people blink less whenever they are working on the computer and easily have eye strain. Blinking keeps your eyes moist and protected from eye problems. Dry eyes usually result from not blinking regularly. Stay properly hydrated to enable your body to produce enough tears to moisten your eyes when you blink.

  1. Exercise Your Eyes

Regardless of the volume of work you are doing on your computer, do not focus on the computer screen for too long. Frequently look away from your computer screen and gaze at an object about 20 feet away from you for about 20 seconds, at least every 20 minutes. This way, you will avoid eye fatigue. Optometrists refer to this procedure as the “20-20-20 rule.” 

  1. Adjust Computer Display Settings

Take advantage of the display settings on your computer to prevent eye strain. Adjust the brightness of your computer to the level of the brightness around the computer. Set the text size and contrast in a way that you can read everything on the screen easily without any hassles.


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