Positive thinking changes reality – Oren Zarif

To illustrate my point, consider this reality. There is a line of reasoning I like to use about how critical thinking can change reality. Look at the movie, the secret. In this film, the character played by Matt Damon gets to travel back in time and he travels to see the longing for gold in the old age. What happens is that because humans are visual beings we are able to see the past or the future so we can decide how to behave in the present based on knowing the future.

The character enters the cave and he finds two women who dreamed of him in the process of sacrificing his life for them. At first he is reluctant to go, but he decides to continue this quest in the belief that this experience will help him gain control of his desires. When he comes out of the cave the women he has visited are now aware of his presence and they prevent him from committing suicide. They use his magical thinking ability and convince him that because he knows it about himself he will be wise to do what is right. What he learns is that through his actions he changes his life and becomes a much more positive thinker in his efforts to be the artist of the world. Mevsir – Oren Zarif

The same principle applies to life. The reason we need to think positively in order to change the reality around us is that if we do not do this, we will find ourselves acting in accordance with our beliefs more often than what we desire. Here we encounter the problem of self-deception and the need for positive thinking. The problem with critical thinking in this case is that it leads to Plan B that she correctly guessed Plan B.

Critical thinking leads to negativity, which in turn leads to a lack of positive thinking and so on and so forth. The only way to change this would be to stop thinking for yourself so that you start thinking according to what your heart desires. Once you learn to let go of your plans and allow your heart to guide you, life will seem easier to you.

You must also begin to believe that you can change anything in life, and that you are able to make all the necessary changes to make your life better. From this belief you will find the power to be consistent in your efforts. From here you will have to constantly encourage yourself while acknowledging that you cannot achieve everything right away. Just like anything else, you will need to find small victories along the way to stay motivated and inspired. When you believe you can change anything, the first task you face is to find out what you need to change about yourself so that you can change the things you believe are interfering with you living a better life.

The bottom line to a successful life is to find something that keeps you from reaching your goals, and then start challenging that thing. As long as you stay positive and do not give up until you have changed this thing or area in your life, then you can achieve almost anything. Just remember that anyone can achieve anything they decide if they just go out and do it. So start today by changing one thing in your life, and then tell me what it was that prevented you from becoming a better person.

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