Potential Effects on the Baby While Drinking Alcohol during Pregnancy

If you are the one who is trying to conceive or pregnant, you should not take any alcoholic drink until you give birth to your child. You should never consume any alcoholic drink until you have stopped breastfeeding as well.

More and more women are alcoholics and some of these women get pregnant unexpectedly. Though they are pregnant, women could not able to quit the alcohols as possible.

If you are pregnant women, what are things you are expecting in your body the same thing happens to your baby as well, right? If you are trying to quit alcohol drinking, it could be dangerous and you can’t able to do on your own without consulting a physician! Keep reading and so you will come to know how does drinking while pregnant affect the mother?

Why Should Women Stop Drink Alcohol While Pregnant?

When pregnant women consume a bottle of beer or a glass of wine, it will affect the health of the mother as well as the baby. It is because; if she drinks any alcoholic drink; it will go straight to the bloodstream of the baby and so you will not able to give birth to a healthy child.

Even the baby formation is complete, you do not drink any alcoholic drinks since it will affect the fetus’s brain, organs and much more can be still immature when you are highly exposed to alcohol drinking. Some of the symptoms you may find, when you are consuming alcohol when you are pregnant are follows –

  • Premature baby 
  • Low weight baby 
  • Birth defects 
  • Miscarriage 
  • Problems in hearing and vision 
  • Hyperactivity 
  • Speech problems 

If you are the one who is pregnant for the first time, you should enjoy those days with your fetus. Please don’t spoil your health by consuming unwanted and unhealthy drinks since it may cause severe health issues to you and your baby!!

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