Tips to Protect Kids From Infectious Diseases During Monsoon

Monsoons definitely feel like a blessing after the scorching summer heat, but they also bring a lot of diseases. The cool and gentle breeze along with those rainy afternoons might be something your kid loves, but you also need to make sure they are safe from all the bacterial and fungal infections that are common during this season. Personal hygiene for kidsis something that should be looked into and here are some tips that you should keep in mind to keep your child fit even in the monsoons.

Drink Uncontaminated Water and Eat Healthier Foods

The digestive system of children becomes prone to diseases during the monsoons. You should ensure that they maintain a healthy diet and avoid outside food and water at all costs. Do not give them any raw vegetables until and unless they are washed well and prepared at home. Give them food items that are rich in Vitamin C because this will help to strengthen their immunity.

Take Adequate Measure to Protect Them from Mosquitoes

With so much stagnant water all around, monsoons become the breeding season for mosquitoes, and they start spreading diseases. So, you need to clean your house and toilets and make sure there is no trapped or stagnant water full of mosquito larvae. Make sure you apply a mosquito repellant on your child at all time. If your child is going out, cover his/her limbs with long-sleeved clothing. You can even use a mosquito net while sleeping at night.

Keep Your Child Dry

Getting wet in the rain may sound fun and exciting, but it can make you fall sick. So, always ensure that your kid has a raincoat or umbrella whenever they go out of the house. Ensure that they do not get wet in the rain. Even if you get wet accidentally, change the wet clothes immediately because if the water stays for long, you might catch a cold. In case of cold symptoms like sneezing, fever or cough, take your child to the doctor for a check-up.

Maintain Personal Hygiene of Your Child

Monsoons may have some cool breezes from time to time but most of the time they are humid and your kid will sweat a lot all throughout the day. So, steps to maintain personal hygiene for kids will have to be taken. And so, they also need to have a proper bath on a daily basis. Give them a mild antiseptic soap that will not be too harsh and will kill all the germs. Encourage them to wash their hands from time to time. Moreover, always use separate hand towels so that there is no contamination. Cut their nails from time to time so that germs are not able to accumulate.

Wash Eyes Thoroughly

Monsoon is the type when eye infections become common. If you notice any redness or watering of eyes in your kids, consult the physician immediately. To prevent the occurrence of any such situation, ask your kid to wash their eyes thoroughly and not to rub their eyes without any reason.

If you are careful and attentive and urge your child to follow these steps, then you will be successful in keeping them safe from infectious diseases during monsoons and always look out for any cold symptoms.

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