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Are Tired Eyes a Sign of Old Age?

If you look in the mirror and wonder if you look older than you really are, you are not alone. Many people feel like the bags under their eyes adds years to their face. If you’re among them, it’s time to take matters into your own hands. There are many reasons you might have bags under your eyes, but if you don’t think you’re old enough to be suffering, you can do something about it, restoring your youthful appearance. Here’s what you should know.

Causes of Bags Under Your Eyes

If you’ve ever cried for an extended amount of time or had a poor night’s sleep, you have probably experienced bags under your eyes a time or two. For some people, those bags simply don’t go away. Before you can decide what to do about them, it’s a good idea to figure out the cause.

A lack of sleep is one of the biggest reasons you might see bags under your eyes but having allergies or sinus problems can also be the cause. Using drugs, tobacco or alcohol also plays a role in developing eye bags for some people. Getting too much sun, eating a lot of salty foods, and sleeping in your makeup can also lead to eye bags. Your genes also contribute to your susceptibility.

Eye Bags and Aging

As you get older, you might notice that you are more prone to bags under your eyes. You might also notice that they stick around longer than before. As you age, the muscles and tissues around your eyes weaken and the fat in the area can sink in a little, which removes some of the support you enjoyed in your younger years.

This combines to create that swollen look around your eyes. As you get older, fluid is more likely to collect in the area around your eyes, which also factors in.

Treating Under Eye Bags

The way you tackle this issue depends on what’s causing it. If your diet is too high in sodium, for example, cutting back on salt can help remedy the problem. Using facial skincare products that tighten and tone the skin can also help. Quitting smoking, using drugs and drinking alcohol can also play a significant role in reducing the appearance of under eye bags. Making a commitment to proper sleep is another good step to take.

Eye Bag Surgery

For many people, eye bag surgery is a permanent solution that can counteract sun exposure and aging. This treatment is designed to help plump the area, smoothing out eye bags and restoring your younger, fresher face. The procedure is completed in just a few hours and has minimal downtime. Careful preparation and good facial skincare choices going forward optimizes the results and ensures that you love who you see in the mirror from now on. Click here for more information on cosmetic eye surgery in Poland..

Surgery to remove eye bags isn’t for everyone, but it has many benefits, including boosting self esteem. It’s the ideal choice for getting rid of that saggy appearance and bringing back the face of yesteryear. You’re going to love the results!


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